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Is your marketplace pressuring you to enhance the quality of your products?

As you consider outsourcing your testing services or extending your team with Gars Infotech, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Why do we take more time to deliver major product releases compared to our competitors?
  • Why do we receive so many customer complaints?
  • Why do we need so many patch releases?
  • Has our organization had the time to establish formalized processes to guide interactions between the different teams?
  • Is our team doing more manual work than it needs to?
  • Is my organization suffering from low morale and employee attrition due to mundane repetitive testing activity?

Gars Infotech understands overcoming these challenges is paramount to any ISV's success. We get to the root cause that lead to these challenges and offer to optimize overall testing processes in your organization.

What root causes drive these testing challenges?

Organizing and controlling all testing activities within the overall software development effort can be a very challenging task because of:

  • Limited skilled resources to test
  • Changing and unstructured requirements
  • Geographically distributed teams
  • Vast data for test results and quality metrics
  • Shrinking development and deployment schedules
  • Shrinking budgets and frequently changing priorities
  • The ROI of addressing these root causes increases steadily as your competitive pressures and growth opportunities expand.

Gars Infotech's Software test management services: organizing all your testing activities

Gars Infotech's test management services provide essential controls on processes that encompass various functions, including planning, designing, executing, and reporting. They also optimize the integration of testing in your software development processes.

Gars Infotech's test management services include:

Test Planning: define the scope, effort and schedule of software testing
Test Designing: capture the specific steps required to complete a given test
Test Execution: run the tests by assembling sequences of test scripts into a suite of tests
Test Reporting: analyze and communicate results of testing effort
Test Portfolio Management: manage and continually improve the portfolio of testing activities with real-time status and issues reporting on a project status portal.

Gars Infotech has turned around this situation for many QA organizations within product companies, large and small, often converting a perilous situation into a competitive advantage for its clients. Based on its long experience of providing end-to-end quality assurance services, Gars Infotech has developed a set of best practices, techniques, and frameworks. This helps Gars Infotech in testing the products better in shorter timeframes.

Best Practices for continuously improving test management processes

Gars Infotech's approach to software test management combines test methods, test management tools and risk assessment into one integrated process. We make our approach more exhaustive by including best practices in the testing lifecycle:

  • Start test management activities early: addressing testing problems earlier in the analysis and design phases of the tests.
  • Focus on requirement management: documenting, analyzing and prioritizing requirements, track down the state of the critical business requirements by requirement traceability metrics.
  • Test iteratively and use risk-based testing approach.
  • Preserve and re-use test artifacts, including test strategies, test plan, test cases automation objects and test procedures.
  • Automate: using test management tools to automate the process of entering, tracking and resolving defects found during testing; for correlating and tracing the results to the initial assessment
  • Demonstrate testing ROI by measuring results in terms of software functionality tested, degree of code coverage, progress against schedule and defects found.

These and other best practices at Gars Infotech ensure unparalleled testing excellence on your software product.

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