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Considering that most businesses are expanding into multiple countries, it is necessary that the business users who speak different languages can use the software effectively and efficiently. For a software product company or an IT organization developing custom application(s), it is therefore imperative to develop the software to meet global requirements. To meet the global requirements, it is important to enhance the application, user interface and technical documentation to support the foreign languages and region specific local formats. Software or product globalization is the process of enabling your software to handle foreign language characters and allowing users to view the information in formats that is prevalent in their specific region. This includes developing the software for this capability, actual translation of the content, labels, and messages, and finally testing it to ensure that the users in different parts of the world will have same experience as the users for whom the software was initially designed.

Globalization has two parts to it - Internationalization (I18N) and Localization (L10N). If the software application is internationalized, it means that it is enabled for accepting, storing, and displaying foreign language characters. If the application is localized, it means that it will accept and display information such as currency, dates, address, phones in formats that is used in the region of the world for which the application has been localized.

GARS has wide experience and practices to support product or software globalization. With time-tested methodologies and technical specialists, GARS has the expertise to internationalize and localize software, test it and integrate and customize it to meet the needs of multiple countries and regions of the world. GARS has development and testing labs in India to deliver cost-effective and timely globalization services. GARS Internationalization (I18N) and Localization (L10N) Services include:

  • Product or software customization and configuration to enable it for handling foreign language characters and multiple address, date, currency, phone formats
  • Labels, messages, and content translation from English to German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and other foreign languages
  • Development of tools and utilities to incorporate the foreign language content into the software application 
  • Testing the internationalized and localized application to ensure that it provides all the required functionality accurately

Business Benefits

  • Increase your revenue by expanding your to reach to the global market place
  • Enhance quality of your internationalized products by process intensive testing
  • Shorten time to market by reducing the time it take to internationalize software
  • Reduce your cost by outsourcing this task to the company that specializes in it

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