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Migration and porting is a viable option. This solution requires a different strategy, combined with in-depth knowledge of the technologies and the environments involved.

GARS helps you migrate your software products to the latest GUI, databases, or data servers and then port it to meet the demand of newer platforms and technology. Our commitments are based on the adoption of strategies that meet the challenges of constantly evolving technology. 

Our Migration and Porting delivery model focuses on more than just transferring your application to run in a new environment; by applying our proven capabilities and in-depth technical expertise, we\'ve developed methodologies and tools that maintain the reliability and integrity of your application during the entire process. Our methods are tested and accepted globaly. 

GARS  Migration and Porting services quickly reduce the barriers to customer acquisition by moving your application to all relevant platforms and environments while you use your resources elsewhere. 

Business Benefits 

  • Increase customer acquisition by offering product in their platform of choice
  • Reduce high costs of maintaining in-house staff to perform redundant functions
  • Reallocate your resources and still provide customers with variety of solutions to their individual needs

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