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Product Engineering

Gars rapid strategy and architecture using cutting-edge technologies turn out great product engineering team. Also choose from aglie and lean project development methodology which suits the product scope.


End to end automation of project delivery streams for continoues integration and deployments across leading Cloud platform and scale up infrastructure.

Gars Infotech
Gars Infotech

Secure Software Development

Developing a enterprise application. Develop is securely with Gars Secure application development practices. Get professional application security report.

Gars Infotech


By iOS and Android apps current proliferation of mobile applications we provide new way to access information, enhance functionality, increase efficiency and reduce cost.

Gars Infotech

Analytics and B.I.

GARS provides B.I. EDM services, data quality management, data security, master data management and meta data management using standard and custom platform.

Digital Marketing

We help brands and products gain traffic and attention.We also maximize the business benefits of data assets using technology-focused initiatives.

Gars Infotech
Gars Infotech

Mobile App Development Process

Gars Mobile application development framework will increase the productivity, efficiency of the organization by smoothing the process of building the mobile app.

Gars Infotech

Improved HR process

Gars online solution for tracking the current location of the employees as well as the places of visits made by employees. The solution helps in raising the travel rembursements automatically.

Gars Infotech

Process Optimization

Helping a leading coaching instiute to become paper less help in resucing cost of printing & handeling answer sheet. The same also result in save resources and environment.

Gars Infotech

Connecting with World

We developed a online end to end platform in which the organization can launch his specific magazines as well as sell/publish that magazines by collecting payment online.

Gars Infotech

Improved Customer Support

Gars's rule engine based system so that when a customer raised a C.S.T.(Customer Support Ticket), our system will automatically fetch the status of the order at several level including 3rd party logistic partner’s status of delivery/ refund order/ process of order(packed/shipped)/ location of shipped order etc.

Enter the intelligent business solution era

Find out what happens when digital intelligence
meets digital business

Gars Infotech

Products, we put our experties in

Leveraging our deep expertise in high performance application,
bigdata, media straming, web content management and
machine learning. We develop products used by 1500+ business.

Gars InfotechSee how Gars Infotech can help
Gars Infotech

Services, We can offer to you.

From ideation to execution, we drive
product development and
digital transformation with lean and Agile mindset.

Gars InfotechSee how Gars Infotech can help
Gars Infotech

Technologies, we play with.

We solve complex business problems through
latest development technologies by
cloud, web, mobile and V.R. technologies.

Gars InfotechSee how Gars Infotech can help
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Do you also have these queries?

What are the engagement models of Gars?

Every client has different needs and to cater to their need, Gars offer different engagement models. For clients with fixed requirements and shorter timeframe we offer fixed price model as we can maximize our resource at best. For clients who want to retain some of the resources after the development we offer BOT. Our engaged models are:-

  • Captive BOT (Build Operate Transfer)
  • Onsite/Offsite Model
  • T&M (Time & Material Model)
  • MODC (Managed Offshore Development Center)

What are the advantages of Gars Staff Augmentation?

Gars ensures that you get to choose from a great pool of certified and seasoned developers/programmers whenever you need to scale up on software development for shorter-term as well as long term professional commitments.

  • Reduction in internal administrative overheads
  • Reduction in time-frame to hire such resources
  • Reduction in permanent liabilities of resources and subsequent costs incurred in future development
  • Flexibility in duration of contract
  • Flexibility in compensation structure of the resource

Mobile Application Development

Gars helps customers create world class enterprise level mobile solutions that are seamlessly integrated into their ecosystem From optimizing chipsets for custom devices, to building mobile apps, we work across all layers of mobile technology to deliver fail-safe, revenue-driving solutions, solutions that stand out in the market. Our comprehensive expertise or mobile application development enables rapid creation and deployment of applications across mobile platforms such as iOS, Android and Blackberry.

What are the developments methodology used in the projects?

Gars has a clear focus on leading edge technologies, strong techno-functional knowledge, and working with flexible engagement models to address the unique needs of our clients. We believe in really putting in the effort to understand the unique challenges you face to adapt to fast evolving business and technology trends. The development methodology that Gars used in the projects are: Mix of Agile, Kanban & Waterfall development.

Can I get dedicated team members for my projects?

Yes, sure! We at gars committed to strong values in all our relationships. Putting clients and customers first, acting with integrity of all times, a commitment to quality and teamwork are the founding principles of our company. Quality delivery and successful results is our belief and strength.

Do Gars provide ongoing support after project delivery?

Our products and services allow our customers to benefit beyond their expectations. Gars provide 24X7X365 support to our customers after the project had been delivered as we make the effort to carry out all activities necessary, going beyond commitment deliverables if needed, to build and deliver the final product.

An website must be
smart, high performing and secure for business growth.

When people ask how Gars Sites is different than other CMS platforms, We have just 3 word for them Securer, Safer, Smarter.
Websites for gars get Security from FSP, speed from G-Cache and content discovery enabled within "Sites".

Director of Product Strategy, Small and medium business solutions

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ULS (Universal Login System)

Authentication and authorization platform for developers to enable multitenancy in their application development.

ULS (Universal Login System)

Universal Login System is the authentication system. A login (logging or signing in) is the process by which individual access to a computer system is controlled by identification of the user using credentials provided by the user. A user can log in to a system to obtain access, and then log out when the access is no longer needed. ULS is providing security to your content without checking the password again and again.more..

Form Engine

FormEngine is end to end complex form processing framework/platform for web applications.Form Engine have capabilities of generating, validating, creating work flow in forms.

Form Engine

Gars Form Engine is a framework for dynamic form creation and complex form processing for web applications. Form Engine can generate forms can work as independent SOA module for SAME. SOA module of form engine is involved for generate the form HTML only. Tightly Coupled form engine have capabilities of generating, validating, creating work flow in forms. Form Engine is capable of processing form with AJAX request for web 2.0 Application.

Smart Analytics & B.I.

Smart B.I. and unified analytics for Email,Web and Mobile applications. Generate stunning result for data.

Smart Analytics & B.I.

Gars custom B.I. reporting and analytics platform help developers to build quick analytics using the different datasource one different technologies..

Rule Engine

Creating complex business rules easily and perform binary operation on data at click of the buttons.

Rule Engine

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