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Health Trak is an ERP solution for hospitals. Heath Trak is designed to increase the efficiency and better healthcare services to patients, hospitals are taking help of IT revolution with centralizing their processes with hospital management system and Hospital ERP. Our solution is a complete set of software applications that automates patient management, eliminating redundant steps and manual error-prone interaction. Form Engine and ULS based internal operation make it more roubest and realiable system for processing forms in authenticated area.

Features :-

  • Web-enabled applications
  • high scalable EMR (Electronic Medical Record) and HIS (Hospital Information System)
  • Robust security on international ERP standards.
  • Significant savings through better inventory & pharmacy management with robust integration with Finance using multiple account sets.
  • Comprehensive OP & EMR for various specialties.
  • Very useful built-in back-up utility tools available such as database DUMP & Load.
  • Configurable Comprehensive Insurance and Claims Management.

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