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Every day changing business and technology requirements attracts businesses to adopt Service oriented architecture(SOA) for their business application. SOA is a cost and time effective way to have latest technology/solution in exiting enterprise infrastructure. Universal Login System from Gars Infotech is a fine case study in field of SOA serving around 1 Million Users across the deployments.

Service-oriented architecture (SOA) is an evolution of distributed computing/Cloud based on the request/reply design approach for synchronous and asynchronous applications. When an application's business logic or individual functions are modularized and presented as services for consumer/client applications it will be partial SOA due to their nature of tightly coupled integration. What's key to these services is their loosely coupled nature; i.e., the service interface is independent of the implementation. Application developers or system integrators can build applications by composing one or more services without knowing the services' underlying implementations. A service can be implemented in any language/Technology differ from and the application consuming the service can be on a different platform or language.


Why SOA?
The reality in IT enterprises is that infrastructure is distributed across operating systems, applications, system software, and application infrastructure. Some existing applications are used to run current business processes, so starting from scratch to build new infrastructure isn't an option. Enterprises should quickly respond to business changes with agility; leverage existing investments in applications and application infrastructure to address newer business requirements; support new channels of interactions with customers, partners, and suppliers; and feature an architecture that supports organic business. SOA with its loosely coupled nature allows enterprises to plug in new services or upgrade existing services in a granular fashion to address the new business requirements, provides the option to make the services consumable across different channels, and exposes the existing enterprise and legacy applications as services, thereby safeguarding existing IT infrastructure investments.


Gars infotech can perform a lead role for your SOA Solution / Consulting requirements of Exiting Products or New Developments

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