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Gars Form Engine is a framework for dynamic form creation and complex form processing for web applications. Form Engine can generate forms can work as independent SOA module for SAME. SOA module of form engine is involved for generate the form HTML only. Tightly Coupled form engine have capabilities of generating, validating, creating work flow in forms.

Form Engine is capable of processing form with AJAX request for web 2.0 Application. Form Engine is available as integrated enhancement of Universal Login System for rapid application development on uls platform. Gars well tested validation framework integrated in form engine for data validation on server side made it good and secure choice for the enterprise solution.

Some Form Engine Features explained here.

  • Ajax Enable for Web 2.0 Application.
  • Server Side validation on forms for more security.
  • Customizable Error Message
  • Integration with data base for CRUD operation via DAO framework.
  • Several design patterns aim for minimizing memory needs.
  • Business Validation optional
  • HTML Editor as standard form Input type in form engine.
  • Option generation using DB.
  • Caching Facility for achieve high performance

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