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Universal Login System is the authentication system. A login (logging or signing in) is the process by which individual access to a computer system is controlled by identification of the user using credentials provided by the user. A user can log in to a system to obtain access, and then log out when the access is no longer needed. ULS is providing security to your content without checking the password again and again. using no cookie or session for authentication. Variants available with cookie and session implementation also. MD5 Security. Control over serving content. Can be virtually available on any page. Can use for tracing the user behavior on the site. this system can work silently on any web site*. ULS is now powered with 50+ different themes to choose from. Customized theme option for login system is also available. Form Engine based internal operation make it more robust and reliable system for processing forms in authenticated area.

Features :

  • 1 Minute Registration Process
  • Simple installation
  • Completely Customizable for branding and look and feel
  • Create unlimited user accounts and unlimited groups
  • Can password-protect any script on your site (and any HTML file by changing its extension to php), as well as entire directories of files
  • Supports optional accounts with simple configuration and multiple levels
  • Users can sign up for their own accounts.
  • User registration / sign-up page is customizable with limited form fields, to collect whatever user information is appropriate for your site
  • Users can change their own passwords, and reset them via email if forgotten, without the need for the web-master's intervention
  • Login sessions can be restricted to user\'s current IP address for increased security
  • Can automatically lock accounts after a number of failed logins
  • Can automatically timeout an idle session after a period of inactivity
  • Can be configured to prevent or allow multiple simultaneous logins by the same username
  • Can sleep for a specified number of seconds on failed logins for protection against brute-force attacks
  • Customizable landing page so when a user logs in, he immediately see links to the member-only and/or admin-only resources that you specify
  • Works on virtually any server (known to work on Apache, IIS, Windows, Linux, and OS X Server) and any client (tested in Mozilla/Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, and Safari, Crome)
  • Non-Javascript Compatibility
  • Can use multiple Landing design for different users.
  • Can integrate your own design any business application Application
  • User friendly Admin Option.
  • Hacker's Safe
  • Can integrate any Custom application.
  • Web 2.0 Enable
  • Power full Admin Part.
  • Can see user login Reports(Complete History of logged in users, Monthly active users, Current users, Blocked Account, Password Change requests)
  • Can block any users
  • Can block IP / domain's request for data security and hack safety.(Artificial Intelligence based)
  • Can modify any users authorization and access.
  • Can see current Logged In users
  • Different - Different dashboard page as user's Levels.
  • System can be used for integrate Business application
  • A business application can be developed around ULS.
  • Application available with additional features and advanced security.
  • Track all user request and operation and log them
  • Check point on all requests for every small operations.
  • Salts passwords and never stores any plain-text passwords; only stores salted encrypted versions
  • A including optional email verification and administrator approval
  • Optional automatic redirection to pages you specify after login/logout
  • "Remember Me" Cookie Option
  • Easy-To-Find Login Link / Box
  • Login Interrupter Redirect
  • "Forgot Your Password?" Functionality
  • Can use as API for authentication

Plans are Available from USD 180099* Mail for [email protected]

Already Live deployments handling avg users 2000+

What's a Login System (Login System)?

Universal Login System is a single sign-on open source protocol, designed to allow any user logged in on his or her account to one of the sites using it, to be authenticated when visiting any other site using it. It aims to be used universally over the Internet, so that each user only needs to have one account with login and password on one designated home site, in order to access anything and operate anywhere on the web that s/he is allowed to. Its difference with other single sign-on systems is that there is no central database of users, so that this system can scale indefinitely by allowing every site of the network to have a separate (hidden) list of users.

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*Dependant on server's configuration and technology available. We support linux server with php5, Mysql4 and above .

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