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Sip-n-Dine gives a fast access to all hotel services in just few clicks. The Sip-n-Dine features a rich multi-tasked window Room Reservation combined with graphical and flexible room scheduling module that allows rescheduling and re-assignments of reservations. Moreover, every transaction is automatically adjusted based on room rates, guest rates, customer rates, and calendar rates. The Sip-n-Dine also features the Agent Commissions for all third party endorsers of the hotel and a Customer profile for guests that billed on credit. The Sip-n-Dine integrates with its House Keeping module to keep track of all room status while as the Mini bar module keeps a detailed count of all Mini bar-inventory in each room. Laundry services integrate as a POS for both the guest and the hotel. It also features the modules such as the Function Room reservations, Facilities Reservations, Restaurant Reservations, and Room services. As a part of an accounting package, the Sip and Dine automatically generates the required documents such as invoices and receipts that passed on the respective ledgers of the Erp. 

Main Features
  • Guest Profile
  • Rooms and Amenities Profiles
  • Customer Profiles
  • Minibar Inventory
  • Hotel Calendar
  • Room reservation/Room scheduling
  • Room services
  • House Keeping
  • Laundry Services
  • Function Rooms Services
  • Facilities Reservations
  • Restaurant Reservations
    • Preset Charge time for Hotel
    • Reservation such as:
    • Charging of Stay
    • Charging of Miscellaneous
    • Preset Audit time for Hotel

    Reservation to auto audit charges.
  • Auto change reservations to no show status based on the defined charge time
  • Room Availability
  • Drag and Drop room reschedule/reassignments by tape chart
  • Confirmation
  • Check In
  • Transaction Posting
  • Change Guest Information
  • Payments/Prepayments
  • Miscellaneous Charging
  • Folio Audit
  • Determine Room Rates based on the Hotel Calendar Set rates
  • Check Out
  • Reservation Hold/Cancel
  • Pre Check In and Check Out Check list
  • Hotel Calendar
  • Provides room related information such as Available /Dirty / Blocked / Occupied.
  • Mini bar Inventory (affects Monument ERP inventories)
Other features
  • Messages and Notifications
  • Reservation Payments History
  • Room Information
  • Guest Information
  • Customer Information
  • Adjustment of Stay
  • Comprehensive querying and searching
  • Print complete Reservation Information
  • Audit charges (for Accounting)
Guest Information
  • Provides documents And Credit Card information
  • Detailed guest information with options such as Married, Smoker, VIP, Black Listed, and etc.
  • Discount Percentage (for auto discount)
  • Credit Limits
  • Bridge between the ledgers of the Monutech ERP and the Hotel Management
  • Tracks all transaction related activities that are related to the reservation
  • Directly accessible from the front desk reservation system.
  • History oriented
  • Special rates that are automatically calculated and are based on determined dates Agent Commissions
  • Maintain travel agent files
  • Auto calculate commissions on reservations Facilities
  • Maintain facilities file
  • Perform facilities reservations
Laundry System
  • Perform laundry services on Cash/Customer/Guest/Hotel Staff/Internal
  • Services on customer basis are billed on credit
  • Services on guests are billed on the reservation
  • Services on Hotel Staff are billed on the employee
  • Internal services are hotel expenses Restaurant System
  • Maintain restaurant files with schedules
  • Maintain restaurant tables
  • Maintain sub-menu
  • Maintain menus
  • Maintain Recipes
  • Create Recipes based on Sub-Menu/Menus
  • Booking Transaction by Room/cash or credit/In-House or Complimentary

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