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Edu Hawk is a specialized ERP solution for Educational Institutes. Edu Hawk helps you in better management and enabliing your institute with better decision making capabilities. With excellent domain and GARS technical expertise, Edu Hawk has been developed by working closely with domain experts in the education sector.

Edu Hawk is GARS ingenious effort to streamline your institutes processes starting from admissions management to placement cell management, we have an answer to all your problems. A range of modules of our ERP would facilitate you to manage your institution successfully. Edu Hawk helps in controlling the working and functionality of your institution. It also strengthens the bond between students, teachers, parents, management and the administration staff of your school. The open ended and scalable architecture enables our ERP to be customised according to your unique requirements.

Concisely, Edu Hawk is a comprehensive and an extremely user friendly solution with Web 2.0 interface and mobile enabled ERP. Form Engine and ULS based internal operation make it more roubest and realiable system for processing forms in authenticated area.

You will benefit by implementing Edu Hawk in your institution by

  • Eliminates the problem of synchronizing changes between multiple systems
  • Reduces the risk of loss of sensitive data by consolidating multiple permissions and security models into a single structure
  • Save money by eliminating duplicate process
  • Can manage every departement easily

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