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Gars provide valuable service in Business Intelligence and Business Reporing services for Dataware Housing companies and Application development companies. Our team can help you and your business in getting valuable information from data with help of following report category. These reports are capable of providing information via web channel with high performance.

Custom Reports - These reports are specific to requirments not able to achive with standard reporting systems or complex in work flow. Dashboard is an example of custom report.

Detail Reports- Essentially a list of all the information of interest. These are great for identifying particular records or problems. Additional formatting can be used to highlight records that may be of interest.

Summary Reports - Provide an overview of the business and its facts in summarized way. Summary report data are more likely to used with charts.

Drill-down Reports - Drill-down report is interactive summary reports with more information about any specific fact. Provide a great insight information about business specific and will not overload you with the information.

Dashboards - These are collections of Summary Reports, usually viewed in graph form with a minimum of numeric values displayed, and are designed to give the viewer an immediate overview of a particular set of related information.

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